Case Studies

Eight people receiving substantial support from CAY were given leave to remain in the past twelve months. We are now assisting them with the settling in process and hope they can start to build a new life.

Ms C was referred to Touchstone, a local advocacy agency, for support with everyday living issues and will meet her advocate for this first time this week (10 November).

Ms A first reported her heating wasn’t working in August 2019 to G4S, who did nothing. When Mears took over the accommodation contract for asylum housing she reported it on 11 September and the housing inspector attended the property to confirm this needed to be fixed. Since then the problem has been reported on 2, 7 and 18 October.  On 18 October an electrician attended the house and confirmed something was being done about it. On 24 October Central Asylum Yorkshire provided new fan heaters for the family of three who had been heating the ground floor of the house using the cooker but had no upstairs heating and received the following text: “Thank you so much for dropping these heaters.  Me and kids slept very comfy whole night.  Thanks for once again.” The heating was finally fixed on 6 December.

Ms B was due to be deported with her young son on 23 September.  CAY helped her be part of a court case which meant the child could not be removed from the UK.  She received the following text from the Home Office: “Your flights for Monday 23rd September are CANCELLED so you do not need to leave the UK on Monday.  We will await the outcome of the next steps in the Family Court.” (Text message sent on 20 September 2019)

Ms D: We were able to support this very vulnerable lady during her seven-hour interview at the Home Office. We also took her to her follow-up appointment at her solicitor’s in another town.

Mr E: We worked with Mr E to stop him being evicted from his accommodation.

Mr F : We worked with Mr F to help him secure accommodation and benefits from the Home Office.

Mrs G: We have been supporting Mrs G and her children through CAY and previously through other agencies for four years, so we were delighted to hear they have been granted leave o remain. Most recently they have been receiving financial support for the children to get to school and to help them get to Sheffield to have their biometrics done. They have been on a number of our trips. Good luck to them in their new life!

Mr H, an Iranian Christian, is being supported with hosting and casework, and anything else he needs. His family have been arrested and tortured. If you have a faith, please pray for Mr H.

Ms I went to two reputable agencies in the Yorkshire region for help but was turned away. Abiey managed to get her an adjournment on her court case at three days’ notice, and find someone to represent her when it comes up in June. We are trying to encourage agencies to refer refused asylum seekers to our specialist service to provide a safety net for clients.